Two weeks at Recurse Center

If you’ve been following me on Twitter, you may know from a previous tweet that I was accepted to the Recurse Center in the Winter 2 ‘24 batch, which started in the middle of the week on January 3rd.

Two weeks into Zig ⚡

It has already been two weeks since I started trying Zig and I believe this is the moment to note things I like and don’t like about the language. As a disclaimer, this is not about which language is better than the other. I consider myself a polyglot software engineer and programming languages are mere tools helping us.

Please, don't let me persuade you!

Hello fellow readers. it’s been a while I don’t post here. This is an attempt to break that bad habit in this new year. Today in this post, I would like to talk about life and career from a broader perspective. Of course, I will use tech as a reference point.

Starting a new position at Quickwit!

Hi everyone! a few weeks ago I announced that I’m leaving my position at eHealth Africa where I have spent the last 4 years. It’s been amazing and a wonderful experience for me working for NGOs having a direct impact on people’s life especially in remote areas. But if you look at my career history and especially my old Github repos, you will notice that I have a passion for developer tools; especially compilers, databases, and search engines.

How I built a serverless runtime for learning

Send passionate developers on vacation, and they usually return with a product idea. Because that’s mostly when their creativity ticks. In my case, I came back with a small toy project that helped me understand and materialize what are cloud functions (aka serverless technology) at the core.