Two weeks at Recurse Center

If you’ve been following me on Twitter, you may know from a previous tweet that I was accepted to the Recurse Center in the Winter 2 ‘24 batch, which started in the middle of the week on January 3rd.

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It was enjoyable to see all the passionate recursers around and hear about the exciting projects they are planning to work on. I had crafted my plan a while ago and truly enjoyed the official kick-off. However, truth be told, I had already started my batch on December 21st during our pre-batch welcome call. Excited to hit the ground running, I took that opportunity to set up things and start coding on my projects.

I have planned to work on so many things that I don’t think I will fit them all into a single batch, but that’s fine given that at the Recurse Center, you never truly graduate. The most important thing is to avoid spreading hands into too many projects at the same time. However, for the past two weeks, I have found this difficult to stick to, mostly because I am working on a medium-sized project that sometimes feels like progress is not being made at all. My remedy to this feeling has been to work on something that can be delivered in two days or less, alongside my main projects. So far, this has been effective. I just hope to remain consistent with it until the end.

So far here are the things I have been working on:

While this might seem productive, there are areas where I’m falling behind:

These are tasks I added to my plan when the batch started. As you can attest, no plan remains unaltered at the contact of enemies passionate fellow developers. The recursers have a solution in the form of advice: when in doubt, just write code.

In summary, my time at the Recurse Center has been both busy and enjoyable, and I encourage anyone who can to apply. Based on my experience, including the application process, it’s evident that passion and the ability to work empathically with others are the key factors at the Recurse Center. While I don’t plan to write regularly due to the workload, I’ll document as much as possible here. Additionally, I may attempt to video record demos of the projects I’m working on and publish them without further edits. In the meantime, let me get back to coding.

Thanks for reading 👋🏾