Please, don't let me persuade you!

Hello fellow readers. it’s been a while I don’t post here. This is an attempt to break that bad habit in this new year. Today in this post, I would like to talk about life and career from a broader perspective. Of course, I will use tech as a reference point.

First, I have learned, failed, and succeeded in so many ways that I feel experienced enough to talk about how people should go about their life. I am also motivated by the fact that I often get this recurrent question or request that summarizes as follows:

Please, can you help me get into technology X?

Of course, I can hold your hand to help you get where you want. But please bear in mind that I am just a mere mortal. Try to experiment with things yourself. I am just another software engineer gambling for success every single day. I am not even sure of the future of tech. So don’t let me convince you that technology X is better or worse.

From my experience, people try hard to convince you that their way of living is best. I have lived long enough to know there is no better or worse way of going about life. There is just the way that works for you. Some past anecdotes:

We have different ways of perceiving happiness. That’s why I try my best not to drag people into anything I do. Pursue your passion. Life is a “make your own adventure” game. I could show you some options, but I won’t advocate for any of those options. Imagine someone preaching you into a computer science degree for the past five years and discovering the tech industry is struggling nowadays.

I don’t want people to think just because I luckyly won a gamble in learning system programming languages, that it’s going to be a success for them as well. Yes, I am enjoying it. But will you? Do you have the same passion for it to hold on long enought when things are not moving as planned? People often look at a succes story and imediatly want to be at that level. The real question one should ask himself is what it requires to be there? What are things you need to sacrifice? As human being, I understand we prefer the easy route. But trust me easy path always has a hidden cost that might punch you in the face.

In summary, If I’ve inspired you getting in tech or you’ve found yourself trying to be like me in any way, I am sorry. Please, stop it right now and be yourself. You are one in 8 billion people on the planette. The only thing I am confident you can take from me is my work ethics. Aside from that, I’ve just been gambling all along and will keep gambling again and again. Take advices, but what’s best for you should always prime. Stay focus, and don’t bother people success stories. They also fail. They just don’t share it as much as they do when they succeed.

I hope to do better this year in posting new content. But until the next post, have fun and work hard on your projects 🚀.